The Locust Township Police Department serves the residents of Cleveland, Franklin, Locust and Roaring Creek Townships. We are located in the southern part of Columbia County. We serve approximately 3,564 full time residents and a large influx of seasonal visitors to our (5) campgrounds, Knoebel’s Amusement Resort, Numidia Raceway and the students and staff at the Southern Columbia Area School District.

The officers of the Locust Township Police Department take great pride in our department and of the professional services we provide to the residents and visitors of our municipalities. The Locust Township Police Department is a progressive department that currently has (10) officers within its ranks. Of those (10) officers, (3) are full time, and one part time officer is the Assistant Chief of the Department. The remaining part time officers work on an as needed basis for shift coverage and special details and community events. Please do not let the term “part time officer” deceive you. All of these dedicated officers’ offer just as much, if not more experience and heartfelt work than the full time officers. They wear the same uniform and provide the same professional services as any other officer. We are also very proud to say our one full time officer is a combat veteran and continues to serve our country in the PA National Guard.

This department responds to all calls for service no matter how minor or major they may be. This includes all EMS calls, providing the officers are not busy on another emergency call. This department has (2) AED’s that are carried with the on duty officers. All the officers in this department are trained at a minimum to the 40 hour 1st responder level. One officer is a PA certified paramedic and the other a certified EMT. Two officers are trained as tactical medics / rescue techs and the National Guard officer is certified in combat life support (military skill version of EMT-Paramedic). Several officers also volunteer in their communities as firefighters and EMT’s. Two officers also volunteer with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Posse for search and rescue details via horseback and foot.

Our department currently has (2) 4-wheel drive vehicles and (2) 2-wheel drive patrol cars in our fleet. All the vehicles have an in-car digital video and audio camera system. Three of the vehicles have in car computer systems, including GPS / mapping and topo map programs for searches and the ability to run driver and vehicle owner queries from the laptop.

Two officers are trained in crime scene processing and evidence collection techniques, one officer has training and experience in conducting accident reconstructions; one officer is currently certified as a firearms instructor. Two officers are trained in heavy truck inspections / equipment violations and weighing of vehicles. Two officers serve on the Columbia-Montour SWAT Team as tactical operators.

This agency is actively involved in the Columbia County Drug task Force, with one officer serving as the Case Agent for the southern half of Columbia County. This involvement has led to numerous drug investigations and arrests, which include the seizure and forfeiture of vehicles and U.S. Currency.

The officers in this agency continue to foster working relationships with the many specialized units in the PA State Police. Many federal, state and out of state relationships have also been made and continue to be a benefit to our ability to properly investigate crime and bring perpetrators to justice.

This department is aggressive in its traffic enforcement details and patrols. Officers understand the value of conducting traffic enforcement and suspicious activity stops. With this department being proactive, officers are able to often times intercept criminal activity and also show the motoring public we are vigilant and visible in our enforcement details.

Our agency uses a social media network, Face Book, to disseminate information to the public in a timely manner. For More Information and Timely Updates Visit Us On Facebook.